July proved to be a crazy month. For Sal's "wear everything" challenge, I committed to wear my summer clothes that never get worn. As the weather got hotter, and my mood got crappier, I didn't take or post as many WIW's, BUT I was able to sort through why those unworn pieces weren't working for me. Most were conditional clothing items - those pieces that come with a mental load of prerequisites that I no longer want to keep track of - and I happily, ruthlessly edited them out. I also learned that even after my Great Wardrobe Overhaul of last year, I still feel like I lack the RIGHT pieces for my MOTG life. I have lots of dressy pieces and even more rags (chore clothes), but the middle ground feels off balance - that explains why I feel either overdressed or overly sloppy on most days. So, I significantly reduced my chore clothes and moved all dressier separates to a different closet. I have been re-organizing and editing, and seeing an obvious style shift with what is left. I find myself craving the grounding effect and edginess of black for the first time in well over a decade, but I'll save my thoughts on shifting style for a separate post...

Which leads me to the shopping challenge I committed to in January - I officially fell off the wagon in July, editing out 22 items and adding 14. That would be fine, except I committed to only 12 purchases for the entire year. I see now that was an unrealistic goal, given my lifestyle change in the spring, and especially now, sensing a style shift with my casual day-to-day clothes.

I am struggling emotionally with the wardrobe churn - getting rid of things simply because I don't like them, or they don’t “suit” me, and then turning around and buying more things... I think about the environmental and ethical impact, and try to be mindful about recycling and donating, but it still bothers me a lot. Still, I want to feel HAPPY in what I am wearing, and how I am presenting myself, and am trying HARD to stay focused and patient as I add and edit.

NAS didn't suck me in as much as I thought it would (I added only a pair of loafers; tried and returned the popular Paige bootcuts and a metallic sandal), but "Clear the Rack" at Nordstrom Rack was another story... I can't say no to great fitting jeans at crazy-low prices.... they are my kryptonite.  Outside of Rack, I added a sun hat and two lightweight sweaters, replaced some white tees, and re-ordered the AllSaints moto I regretted returning in June.

Huge thanks to Sal and Sterling for kicking off these challenges. I have learned (and am learning) SO MUCH.