Definitely done with July purchasing, and August is moving month! Thank goodness. Here's my report. Everything in italics is boilerplate from previous posts, so feel free to skip to the non-italicized text for new info.

In our yearlong shopping challenge, I committed to buying 31 or fewer items (not counting undergarments).

January - 0 items

February - 5 items

March - 2 items

April - 2 items

May - 4 items

June - 1 item

July - 2 items

My July purchases were decidedly lounge-y. I got some Duckfeet mules, which I do happily wear out of the house, but they're also the perfect slip-on shoes for running out to get the mail or reset the sprinkler. And they're excellent summer shoes for slipping off to walk barefoot in the grass. They're already at 10 wears.

I also bought a long, cotton robe. My current lightweight robe is short and, while fine for getting ready in my room, didn't feel comfortable to wear around the house with our additional teenage boarder. Not that any of the teenagers are ever awake when I get up in the morning! Even so, this one feels decadent, and I quite like wearing it to put on makeup and sip my coffee.

This brings my total purchases for the year to 16 items, more than halfway through my allotment, but also more than halfway through the year! You can see all my 2019 purchases together in the linked collection. I've retired 22 items this year, so my wardrobe is shrinking. All in all, I have 112 items in my closet, if I count all categories except jewelry, underwear and sleepwear (though I am counting sleep/lounge in my 31 items and my retirements. If you're curious, adding sleep/lounge would boost my total wardrobe count to 130 items).