July has been a mostly wet and wintery month here. We had the school holidays early in the month but I worked through - with the exception of a long weekend staying at home to host a memorial for my Mum to sprinkle her ashes.

Clothing wise, I have added two essential purchases, although I am counting one to my winter 5 piece French Wardrobe system.

I added an olive rain jacket made by Rains, bought locally but I think they are a Danish brand. A practical but stylish option. I haven't thrown out my aged turquoise raincoat but it is on it's last legs.

I also added a Merino sweater made in NZ by Standard Issue. I really spent too long pondering the colour as I wanted a lighter colour - I have been avoiding grey but actually light grey is good on me and this has been a very easy addition to my closet.

I am considering a blazer but will take my time to choose the perfect one. Aside from that, I am open to any amazing wildcards but also wanting to not add anything really until spring.

My wardrobe is still sitting between 90-100 pieces for all clothes, shoes and bags (outside activewear and gear, or accessories).

I am thinking of doing a 10x10 challenge for the next two work weeks, incorporating a couple of pieces that I haven't been wearing at all. I would include clothing and shoes in the 10 but not bags and outerwear....

I did think that there are about 10 pieces in my wardrobe that I could probably edit out quite easily because I am very rarely wearing them - but something is holding me back......

Here are some WIW from the last few month.

- the lace dress and fur have been seen before and were from a very small birthday dinner (pic 7-8).
- there is a casual Friday look with leggings and a bomber jacket (first pic)
- all the rest are work looks. I am struggling a bit with these white work trousers with tops and shoe combinations. I don't think they look very flattering here at all. And I am still learning scarf tying - I am a very slow pupil.

Feedback and ideas are welcome - especially about the white trousers, how should I style them.

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