Still more or less on track for 36 for the year!

Athleta leggings- 2 pairs, cause my shorts were rolling up and making me mad! Orange for visibility for biking/ running, and black. They have ventilation so ok for early am when it's less hot.

Orchid Columbia top-visibility again, as most of my athletic tops are black.

Copper owl-fell in love with it at an antique shop, and wear it every day I think it's good luck, and reminds me of the little owls at the aviary I loved so much!

Madden Girl sandals-needed replacement walking sandals, and found these at our little local department store. They won't be 6 milers, but didn't feel like ordering a ton of sandals.

Also bought, but not counting as they're health/safety :
Specs-burgundy frames so bolder than what I had before. Angie's influence I just wear them for driving.
Bike helmet-$$$ Wave Cel one, in happy visible hot pink.

ETA-why no NAS (yet). It seems so mismanaged this year, sizes sold out, nothing excites me, don't need things til November, my body will probably change by then, and impending big expenses (for a good cause)!