The items in this capsule could be worn for a cookout, a town picnic, evening fireworks, etc. These are all things I own except for the ones at the bottom with the obvious flag motif, which I added just for fun. Red Sox gear is commonly worn on July 4 in Boston/New England; the colors are right and love of the Red Sox is a lot like love of country to Bostonians It's usually hot on the 4th and toppers/sweaters are not needed even in the evening. I don't use much in this capsule on the 4th because I'm usually performing in an afternoon outdoor band concert, wearing our summer uniform of white-logo-polo-shirt, black pants or shorts, and black footwear (pretty boring to show here). The US flag pin is a replica of one given to Jackie Kennedy (US first lady) by the Canadian Prime Minister in the early 1960's.