Can you take another NAS post? I was so excited to read through Angie's post this morning - as I read I clicked to add things to my shopping cart. Well I thought I was exercising restraint until I realized the total was over $4,000. Hahaha grounds for divorce around here. So I cut cut cut and stuck to my wardrobe holes and needs. It's a bit of a pain for me since I'm in Canada, and I ship to a box across the border. I like to be pretty darn sure that things will work because if I get them home and change my mind I tend to 1) keep anyways, or 2) pay to ship back via Canada Post. Dumb. Otherwise I try on in the parking lot at the PO Box place, and I haven't made my best decisions there...

I think my first love is the Sam Edelman navy leather jacket, I haven't pulled the trigger on this yet, but might soon...if I miss it I miss it.

Here's what I ordered - we'll see how it works out. I'm going to try the Caslon knit cardigan in morel and black. I am not usually a fan of a lot of drape but I like that these can zip up...and I'm a sucker for soft...

Zella hoodie and city shorts. Realistically these fit my lifestyle and fill spots of things wearing out.

French Connection crossbody - I have a big hole for a black crossbody since my Coach workhorse wore out. This is simple and utilitarian - good price. Not leather but I don't mind. The red is more fun but I've had black on my list for soooo long.

Munro leather booties. I have black suede booties that I never wear and I've realized it's because they give me a flowerpot effect. I have fussy feet so hopefully these work. I might prefer suede but the leather is on sale - and probably better for our wetter weather.

I chopped all knits out of my shopping cart but they are my absolute fav. I'm trying to exercise restraint and just fill the holes for now. The rest is icing. We'll see if I pull the trigger again. It's so fun to watch the action.