Thanks lyn67, Ing, Janet, Elizabeth P, Joyce B, Suntiger, Karen13,

Fashintern good advice, once I finish all my style direction "homework" I'll be in a better place to decide.

Bijou I agree that it looks like a super versatile dress.

Lynette, yes I am SUPER short waisted but the ruching seems to hit just right, kind of a miracle!

The magical dress looks terrific on you, Chris! I am biased, but I am another in favour of leaving the length for now. I left the length with my own dress on forum advice, and I think it's a pretty similar length on me.

I like all those shoes with the dress and figure you have others you can also try. The bags look good, too, for different types of outfits -- the blue one would be a fun contrast.

Angie has given me some styling ideas with those toppers. I hadn't come up with a plan for that yet. Interesting to see she is wearing it with an actual blazer. Hmmmm.....

For footwear, I've got quite a few options, depending on weather, occasion, etc. These are the ones I'm thinking of, below. I'm not sure about the sharft heights of several of these booties vis a vis the dress. I'll need to check on that.

I've got fewer bags to choose from and might have to remedy that. I do have a bright pink clutch/ crossbody, and also a leopard print/ black clutch. And a silvery clutch for dressy events.

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Yay dress quadruplets ( or mire).
I think black shoes look fine, but I love how a nude shoe bookends you hair and lightens the outfit. Whilst I’m a bit more likely to bookend myself with dark shoes closed to my hair color, , I also like the option of picking up the beige tones or even wearing my dark berry- colored EF ankle strap shoes.

Thanks Suz! You have great footwear choices. I mostly don't wear heels quite as high as you do, and would love to find something like the Eileen Fisher Tilda in a lower heel. I'm also done with sandals (mostly) for this year but could definitely see this dress with sandals and your choices are great!

I'm not a pink lover but I know you are and I bet a pink clutch would look great with this dress, to play up the navy and cream.

Waving back atcha unfrumped! tThis dress club has a LOT of members! I think I agree that I prefer lighter colored shoes on me but berry colored shoes would be great too. This dress is so versatile!

Lovely dress! Both pairs of shoes look fine. Are you sure you want to shorten the dress? If so, please don't choose more than an inch or two.

The Cat that is good advice...I'm going to wear this without shortening at least the first time I wear it, and see how I feel about the length.

You look gorgeous in the dress. I love in long. Very elegant. I like the black footwear best.