So It has been a hot minute since I posted. Never stopped reading - Wish we had a heart button like insta.
My life was crazy the last two years. I hated my job as a principal - be careful of what you wish for in life.
I took a pay cut and switched districts for a one year contract.
In the new district even on my most casual of casual days I out dressed everyone and I wasn't feeling the love for clothing because I was healing from the two years of perpetual stress I had put my body and family under.
Usually I don't mind being the best dressed but when I out dressed my superiors on the regular and then I wasn't even trying and was labeled a "sassy dresser" - well you get the picture - the struggle is real when you start a new job.
Most of my wardrobe was mostly unworn.

Well making the leap of faith a year ago paid off and I have landed my dream job with my dream team. I have been on the job for two weeks now and I'm excited because my wardrobe will come out to play again. There are some well dressed folks around here and I will fit right in with how I like to dress.

Phase 1
now until the end of September: cull and update summer wardrobe

Main colors: orange, shaded of blue, white, black - some grey but not nearly as much as in the winter

4 formulas make the bulk of my dressing
Formula 1 - Tunic and skinnies or leggings
Formula 2 - Causal pencil skirt look: T-shirt/or casual top, pencil skirt, comfy flats - Topper if needed for arctic AC at work
Formula 3 - chinos/straight leg pants with a flowy top
Formula 4 - Black bottom, shirt and topper - Love me a great topper

The plan:
Get back to enjoying my whole wardrobe again

See if I develop any more formulas - these 4 make me fell pretty awesome in the summer - any make getting dressed in the morning easy

Any clothes that are not worn between now and the end of September are up to be ruthlessly cut from my wardrobe - I will be tracking wears

Identify any needs I will have for shopping next year for the summer season - I am done with summer shopping right now.

Take as many WIW photos of my formulas to continue to refine them.