I would love to hear how others have incorporated trends and made them Just Flattering Enough and Just Comfortable Enough.

I feel like the current trends are unflattering for me. I am very pear shaped with a defined waist, and nursing level top, but most of the shirts that are on trend look like tents on me and mask my waist. I do like bootcuts for the balancing act they play, but flares aren't going to work as I don't wear heels over 1.5 inches. So, frankly, they look just wrong.

In my neck of the woods, only women of a certain age seem to be wearing crops and ankle pants. The younger set is wearing skirts or full length trousers. Probably just my area, though. Still, had a strong frump factor for me.

Perhaps a jacket of some sort, but finding the right one is always tricky.

Shoes!! Low heeled sandal booties and ankle straps I can do!