My fav straight jeans from Lucky Brand is somewhat relaxed ( almost like yours ) and the newer ones are tighter, slimmer and used only on "skinny days".

Well you look awesome from the front!
I’m no help on what jeans to buy though—my latest pair was from Muji, 2.5 years ago when we first moved to Berlin.

On the “relaxed” fit idea—no, that isn’t what straight legs are all about. Straights are just that, all the way up & down. Relaxed fits are roomier around the hip and thighs, but not in the calves. They can even look a little like peg-legged.

On the view from behind—you can’t walk around with your face to the world the whole time. Someone is going to see your backside, so you might as well take it into consideration when considering new pants. I think the point is to get something that works with what you’ve got, like the black Esprit pants JenniNZ said made my butt look good. There isn’t any padding or anything, but I do think things look decidedly perky back there in them. Not sure why. They are between straight-leg and skinny, and just as old as my Mujis, so not current enough for you. But do take a few shots (or have your daughter do them) from back & side views.

The outfit looks good because of your styling but looking critically at the fit of the jeans I must be the only one who sees it as a bit too baggy in the thigh area. I am sure there are even more flattering fits for you. I have a similar problem with some jeans that are not skinny fit because my secondary body type is also Apple shape. I would be very curious to hear Angie's opinion.

Another thought, if the waistband is plenty room as well, maybe a size down?

They don't look bad at all but ditto Jenn I really haven't seen anything lately in jeans that looks especially interesting- just all the leftovers that we're passing up in favor of comfort.
Maybe wait til Angie does her trends posts and see if anything sparks interest.

Well, I like them on you, but YOU have to like them on you.

FWIW, it takes me a LONG time to evolve my jeans collection. I have ones that work, and I tend to stick with them. That said, I will audition a new silhouette from time to time, but if I have any doubt when I put them on, I find they just sit unworn.

My initial instinct has to be "oh heck yeah", otherwise, I return. I've had one exception to that - a pair of cords that seemed to pucker in a weird place. A different size did the trick, and now they are in frequent rotation. For the most part my motto for K/R has become, "if there's a doubt, it's a don't".

Lost my reply I typed last night but didn't submit! Reprising...

I think these jeans look good, and agree - better on you than the model. Got to agree also that if Jag works really well for you, why not stick with them?

Not wearing much denim day to day. It's just not comfortable to sit in for 8-10 hours straight, when Lululemon On The Fly joggers exist! As I fluctuate up and down (and up and down) 5 lbs, I struggle with the fit of my collection of jeans. I tried really hard to like those 100% cotton Everlane summer weight jeans I got at the end of summer, but I really am not comfortable sitting in them. I'm not getting rid of them, as they're pretty comfortable when moving around. Will see how they function in the after time.

No more wide legs! No high rise! No super skinnies! I am good with boyfriend, bootleg, kick crops, straight. Brands in my closet include Gap, NYDJ, Paige, Everlane, Eileen Fisher.

I know exactly what you mean! I just can't do the trendy jeans, they look terrible on me. My waist is large and thighs fairly small so the fits are too baggy and sloppy and feel frumpy (maybe I just can't get past the 90's feel of "mom" jeans). I do think these look good on you and you have them styled nicely.

Thanks again everyone . Sure , I can “ call it a day” and stick to one brand I find reliable , but this only took a couple of hours of my time to see if there were other options out there and I’m always interested in “ moving the needle” on my wardrobe . Even though these are cheap , I don’t love them . Too bulky .

At the end of the day, jeans have to feel good on, and if they don't, you're right to pass on them! But I agree with others that the silhouette could work, even if these are the wrong ones. Onward!