I am greatly inspired by the new trend Angie has written about extensively, whereby a person can showcase mid-shaft booties and/or a bit of skin. I love, love, love booties, and always thought it a waste to put pants over the top of them. Yesterday I posted my 'cropped skinny' look from Friday (pic #2), and several people responded that I was brave (or foolish?) to cut my jeans up. Well, never being one to do things half way, I got after a dozen or so pairs in my closet this morning, in order to broaden my choices of style for Fall/Winter. First let me say that I had a number of jeans redundancies in my closet. Mostly skinnies, followed by BF, then a couple of pairs of straights and flares. All price points were represented. I'm 5'2" and without fail, every one of them is too long to ever wear uncuffed. One pair of Joes skinnies was 6 inches too long and a real pain to deal with! I either had to tuck under, which is not easy with that much fabric, or fold up to get into tall boots. And if you have calves like mine, you can't even fold them high enough to do any good. The big fat cuff on my BFs was so wide that they swished together when I walked. Some I did have hemmed, but couldn't justify the cost of doing them all. Well, no more! This exercise both gave me a chance to try on all of my jeans in short succession, and evaluate their utility at current length vs what they could be. I'll post more pictures once I get them out in proper outfits.

Here are my revelations during this process;
I really only wear skinnies in the Fall/Winter/Spring. Here in Seattle, that means rain, so they are almost always stuffed into tall boots. Most of my true skinnies/jeggings never need to be longer than ankle length, since rolling doesn't work. These I cut at the ankle. Should I ever decide to wear them with shoes, I'll think about hemming them.
I hate bagged out or wrinkly jeans on myself. Having little to no additional fabric in the leg reduces that issue and contributes to a smooth, neater appearance IMO. All of my BF's required 3 or more rolls before I cut them, and they were always uneven and too bulky. These I cut to give a streamlined 2 fold cuff. I probably won't need to hem ever. Leaving enough to do everything from oxfords to tall shaft booties gives them greater versatility.
My distressed BF's from AG are begging to be mid/tall shaft bootie length with a frayed hem. Out comes the seam ripper... I already did this with a straight leg pair that give them a slightly boho look.
I have two pair of light wash Gap flares (different sizes) that I bought in petite, and they're a little short for my taste. One pair 'gets' to be a cropped flare! Whee! pic #1
I took one pair of dark wash skinnies each and cut to high shaft, mid shaft and ankle length. No cuff, no hem (option to hem later and bump up into higher shaft wear).
I have so much left over fabric, I could make some patchwork jeans now...if I knew how to sew and had a machine I'd love to hear whether you guys are emboldened to try and modify your jeans similarly!

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