Smittie - do you want to come to NZ too - I will cook you Pavlova and provide NZ coffee and Sauvignon Blanc!!

I plan a great pair of mid-high waisted straights and a fun pair - and maybe next winter some black jeans.....You pretty much nailed it though:)

Thanks Krestin, I do have a pair like this actually and they do work well on me.

Kiwimom - I must go into Jeanswest again- I had great success there over summer with two pairs of shorts that worked brilliantly so their cuts for jeans may also work.

Jeanswhisperer. I need one of those. Or maybe Smittie can come and help me.
Good luck with your jeans shopping Sal.

How hot is your summer Sal? I'm not much of a jeans wearer at the best of times but I can't wear jeans in our high summer because it's just too hot.

I hear you on what you do like, but I'm at a loss to make any useful suggestions

Thinking about my own wardrobe, I have white skinny (but not sausage sucking) jeans which I love for Spring. I also have a straight leg, ankle length jersey 'denim look' pant which skews just slightly dressier than actual denim.

My only suggestion was going to be a culotte in a denim look linen or a chambray type fabric.

I will be interested to hear what you ultimately decide.

Well I have made a purchase. I went into Jeanswest and they had a pair of high waisted Prima flare jeans on sale. Only one pair (flares are just not around much here). I have been keeping an eye out for a couple of years now with no success. While they were not super cheap they were discounted. Flares to me won't be a true workhorse jean - but I expect to wear them every two to three weeks over the spring and autumn, on fine days, when I can wear a heel. I will post a picture tomorrow.

While they are a size bigger than the slim and bootleg I tried on I think they are a good fit. Bootleg did not work and while I liked the straight I am going to wait and see what the jeans whisperer will come up with.

I actually ordered two pairs of footwear overnight and also bought a dress so it was a big shopping day for me!! Definitely a 70s feel to everything. The jeans and boots can be returned, the dress is from a local designer who I visited for the first time - she will make alterations if needed but it is not returnable. It was on sale.

Thanks for your help all - I now ideally want a good pair of classic workhorse jeans....

Stylefan - I will let you know how I get on with the jeans whisperer !

Deborah - I am open to culottes - the temperatures here are temperate but we don't get the heat that Victoria does. For me jeans are a spring, winter, autumn item - but the odd summer evening they also work for BBQ etc... I would rarely wear them during the day in summer- and definitely my skinny jeans get a rest from December to March. Now I have the flares (assuming I keep them) I think I have that fun or statement pair of jeans I was lacking.

Thanks. I always like to hear what the final decision is based on Forum comments.

Can't wait to see your new purchases modeled. 70s feelings going on with me, too, as I just ordered a few items in rust orange and a couple of pairs of corduroys to try on.

Thanks Sterling !

Jenn- wearing the jeans today with some old favourites and they are feeling good. A style refresher and I hope being in early on this trend will mean some longevity. 70s looks are a really easy one for me (as are early 60s ones - before mini dresses were too short). My new dress is orange - it is a wildcard for definite. We can rock the 70s orange together!!