Hi All

I am looking for some new denim jeans.

My current collection is very small
- Straight leg blue Superdry (worn cuffed, too low a rise but a good fit otherwise)
- Blue skinny high waisted ankle jeans (Just Jeans brand) - a good basic (I have two identical pairs)
- Old Levis, loose fit, with holes rips from wear

I have just discarded some black skinnies that after four years I was frustrated with - going white, the shaping was wrong, the zip was failing

I had a look in David Jones, tried on several pairs of Paige Jeans (high waisted straights, mid rise ankle skinnies), and worked out my size. The fit was good but in NZ, not on sale, it is over $300 and I decided to hold off. I also tried some AG and some Country Road jeans, but they did not work as well on me.

Here, and in Sydney there seem to be skinnies, slim and straight leg jeans. Some of the skinnies are cropped.

Here is my wish list (do's and don'ts)

  1. I don't want skinnies
  2. I don't want white jeans or distressing
  3. I do want high or mid rise
  4. I want them to be current, but I expect 3 years wear from them
  5. I rarely tuck into jeans as I am short waisted.
  6. Flattery is important to me in jeans but so is comfort.

I have a bulky calf and this is often the point where jeans can be too tight. I am 5 foot 8 and a muscular hourglass. I want to wear them with sandals, sneakers, mostly flat but some low heels.

If you were me what would you buy? Am I expecting too much from the one pair of jeans - I do this sometimes I know....