For years Angie has written about the important role jeans play in her wardrobe and how she keeps them current by seeking out trendy styles. It finally sunk in that maybe I better pay more attention to my jeans styles - rather than just picking up practical, utilitarian pieces.

Jeans featured in 252 outfits last year! The numbers were spread over 5 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of denim shorts. (See finds. Not included are white Levi’s 721, and black denim shorts - culled during the year.) Denim has obviously become my fall back fabric for pants since retirement.

I also have a classic/traditional denim jacket and a white denim sheath dress.

The Levi’s 721 skinnies (2 pair) will be retired any day now, and I’m studying the trends for replacements. Full length wide legged jeans are on my radar, as are a pair of white jeans. Levi’s fit me really well, but I’m looking at Mother jeans as well.

How important are jeans in your day to day? Do you have ‘go to’ brands? What styles do you love the most now, and what are you considering for 2023?