I am planning to buy one pair of jeans this year, and would like your advice
I currently own (and are fit to leave the house)
2 blue bootcuts (one for heels and one for flats)
1 white distressed relaxed skinny
1 white straight/bootcut
1 pair of straight legs (only worn when I am in the lower part of my weight range ie not much)

All the above have reasons not to be worn that often

and the one that is worn the most
1 pair of stretchy, highwaisted dark blue skinnes

They are 2 years old and wearing out. Should probably be replaced.

Or should it?

Am wondering if, I should take Angie's lead and finally look at cropped jeans?

And it so, should I look for booties first? I need to replace mine and want black ones of reasonable quality and in leather. Oh and low heeled.
I haven't tried it on, but maybe this one

Will this go with a cropped jean? Should someone of my body type (short legged, full thighed) even try to go with this trend? Especially if it is my main jeans workhorse?

I can potentially wear jeans up to 5 days a week - but only in winter.

love to hear your input!