I like both Ann, but would probably like to see a shorter version too.

Rabbit, I tried to understand your reasoning but failed. I think you mean that these outfits don't work. Is that right?

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Ha, apologies for being incoherent Angie.

No those outfits TOTALLY work of course -- and I was mainly talking about my own difficulty putting some outfits together with a denim jacket - not another persons. Part of why I think those outfits particularly work is that its a mixed media denim jacket in a dark wash --- very far from rural america Levis denim in a traditional size and cut. Also the the graphic, playful, and strong feminine elements really balance it to my eye if that makes sense.

I do wear a denim jacket and like it a fair amount, and would probably get into a mixed media dark one, but it's not an 'all-purpose' topper for me if that makes sense. Their are some combinations where it detracts rather than adds to the overall impression when I try it on. Some combos where it's a great touch though.

In addition to the mixed media nature, I love the lack of front pockets and pocket buttons on yours Angie. Not needing any increased focal points there for me, so I may keep searching. Also, I really disliked the buttons that many put on the back waistband. Trying to sit anywhere where there is adequate lumbar support makes those puppies dig into your back!

Rabbit, you're sweet to chime in - and I didn't mean to put you on the spot like that. (((HUGS))). I appreciate your extra explanations - I'm slow on the uptake today. You make complete sense.

Ann, to Rabbit's point, the mixed media plays an important role - as does the lack of chest pockets. I have two other denim jackets, but have only worn this one for three years.

Jean jackets are tricky, is my experience with short and busty. You have to watch scale, fabrication, and most importantly, pocket placement. See Kelly Clarkson? She's not tiny, and she's got boobs. Her jean jacket is hitting her just below her smallest place on her body, and the pockets are well above her bust line. They are also a nice size, which visually lifts the bust. She's is totally rocking her outfit.

WHBM has two cute jean jackets right now, you might want to look at them. My experience is that even their regular clothing is scaled more petite than a lot of petite lines.

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I like traditional denim jacket style too, but I think they are casual and casual only. I had one I'd stolen from my father. I would usually use it with simple flared summer dresses or flared jeans. It was a little bit over sized, but I liked the masculine/feminine contrast in those looks. Then my brother borrowed it from me and never gave it back :/

Nowadays I have a denim jacket in dark blue that is the exact opposite - totally feminine. It has a blazer structure w/ well defined X shape, but with conventional denim finish, so it still looks like a denim jacket instead of looking like a blazer made of denim. It is versatile enough to go out at night, barbecue party, work, happy hour or just go to the market. Love it.

I'm also the petite/busty/broad-shouldered trifecta, for what it's worth, and I got this Gap denim jacket last year that I like a lot. It is kind of cropped and boxy, but I wear it mostly with dresses, so the shape balances those more than it might with pants. I'm wondering why this kind of "classic" denim jacket works for me when it apparently doesn't for a lot of people and I think it's because my style is sort of feminine RATE, so it feels right because it adds a grounding, casualizing RATE touch to the girly summer dresses I keep gravitating to.

I think both jackets you tried on look good, although the second one seems to have a bit more of the edge that fits the little I know of your style.

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