A couple of you expressed interest in this knit jacket from JCrew, so here it is. JC actually has several knit blazers to choose from -- a fuller, longer less structured one (which I tried but found overwhelming) and one like this that is cropped (not what I was looking for). Also, one from Factory.

The less structured one comes in navy, black, and tan and is available in petite.

The cropped is only available in XXS and red, right now, but on very deep sale for any tiny women out there: https://www.jcrew.com/p/womens.....or_name=be

Here's the one from JCrew Factory. I have not seen it in person so can't vouch for its quality or fit.


I love the one I kept - heather dusk, one size down. (I probably could wear my regular size too, but it would be slightly roomy.) It is a beautiful knit, has great lines, and is a perfect length. Feels blazer-y but also comfy. I like it with the collar up and down. I'll post some pics of me wearing it this weekend, when I try to assemble some work-travel outfits for next week.