This year I am bypassing the NAS just because I have decided to simplify my shopping and try to stick to what I know works on me for awhile. That would be JCrew.

The new pointy toed ballerine from JCrew, the Gemma, is a lovely little lightweight skimmer. It has zero arch support, zero cushioning. Think of it as a covered sandal. I figured out that if I sized up a half size and used a ball-of-foot cushion, I got a perfect fit, with toe room and enough comfort to run around town in. The leather on my red pair is soft, sort of like kidskin. I like the line of this shoe so much that I probably will just go ahead and get the citron and the marbled pink as well.

Have any of you tried the Gemma yet?

I was happy to get a teacher discount today at JCrew. An extra 15% really is nice in California where our sales tax is so high.

Gemma flats
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