I’m at a crossroads for my everyday style, and I honestly don’t know where I’m going to go, except that new pieces I buy will need to have more personality than most of what's in my closet.  My “sporty natural” persona is alive and well, but I need to tweak the “modern classic” in ways that I haven’t figured out yet, and also address a 3rd and/or 4th persona. Maybe I'll never fully name them and that's ok. I've assembled a list of fabbers who's style inspires me right now and will be studying their postings carefully. It’s going to be a journey and right now I’m in deep winter where staying warm and dry is the only thing that matters

In early January DH and I went on an awesome Caribbean cruise (out of Ft Lauderdale) that was a jazz festival at sea, with around 100 professional jazz musicians playing in various combos at 4 diff venues from late afternoon into the wee hours every night. The offshore excursions (2 in Mexico and 1 Bahamas)  were a minor afterthought. Almost all the musicians stayed on the ship and were happy to chat at mealtimes, in the corridors, near the pool. Incredible!!!  I knew my wardrobe was going to be a dull, and was ok with that. It WAS. My summer wardrobe is utilitarian, super casual, and completely boring, and has been so for quite a few years, despite various attempts to change that.  Definitely time for an overhaul this year.

I bought 5 new pieces: one blouse worn twice on the cruise with jeans and black sandals for evening, a cream corduroy  “trucker” jacket and lavender sweater for late winter/early spring, and two winter wardrobe-hole fillers: a black polo collar sweater and black straight Old Navy leg jeans. Just got the jeans yesterday so need to wear around for a few hours before I confirm. I'm done with winter shopping now unless something lands in my lap. I'm going into Boston in a few weeks with a friend for a shopping day and will check out Aritzia and Club Monaco but have zero expectations.

Returned 9.  2 sweaters in wrong size, 4 puffer coats in olive or camel (olives too grey and/or didn’t fit right or were not flattering), 1 pair of light camel boots (too many completer pieces needed esp when the camel puffers didn't pan out), 2 items for the the cruise that were not right once I got there (purchased in Ft L just before the cruise), 1 scarf (sales goggle item in a lovely dark cobalt blue that would be a great color on me but it goes with nothing and don't want to buy completer pieces) . 

The counts of new/returned items are improvements (meaning fewer of them) over Jan last year and even more so compared to last year’s monthly averages. Also most of my returns were bough online meaning I'm doing few returns with what I bring home from B&M. I'm meeting my overall goals of reducing the churn, although I have keep in mind that my shopping is mostly online so the return counts will never be zero, and exploring a new style direction will likely mean more returns too.

Now I just have to get through the below zero F temps coming this weekend. We get a few bouts of this every winter so nothing unusual.  The snow fall amounts have been small so far this winter, but that could change too because it's February. 

As always I'm happy to hear any and all suggestions, thoughts, ideas ...