Ta-Da! I did it! A month of no outfit repeats, following on SarahDB's challenge. My additional wrinkle was to wear something new and something older every day. By "new" I meant -- mostly new in 2023 or late 2022. By "old" I meant anything older. And for one week, I also tried to keep my palette to blues. Many of you generously commented on those Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, so I won't go into any more detail than that!

Here are my last 3 days with some reflections to follow.

Monday: 1-2. I thought I would wear my red pants but it was way too warm for velvet. Got my colour in up top instead. Max wanted to get into the act and photo 2 shows the pattern of the top more clearly. This is a sentimental thing -- a gift of mine to my mother that I took from her closet after she died.

Tuesday: 3. Keeping it real. This was a gear day. What can I say. Morning hike and lots of work around the house afterwards. But bonus shots of where I hiked.

Wednesday. 8 Winter white out.

Some thoughts

My wardrobe is plenty large enough. I had no trouble coming up with outfits I wanted to wear that were not repeats. I thought I might feel some pressure (because in a typical month, I actually would repeat outfits.) But no. It wasn't a strain at all. On the other hand, there wasn't much I thought I could do without.

I rarely wore a button front shirt and I wore all my knits, many on repeat. It's January, folks! Around this time of year I always catch myself giving my button-fronts the side-eye and wondering why I even own them. Then, the temperature changes and I remember, so best not to edit too vigorously there.

I wore all my bottoms except my silver jeans. I did not wear my skirts. No occasion to, really, in a mostly work-from-home month with only one real evening engagement on a day when I had to go there straight from a class. On the bus. So.

I did not wear much jewellery at all and did not miss it. Unlike SarahDB, I don't seem to want it for at home days, beyond my watch and small stud earrings.

I did crave more colour. Although I love my blues and my greys/ whites, my closet is still predominantly neutral and in winter, especially, I long for something bright. I would like more patterned knits, maybe, and maybe another pair of bright pants. I do wear scarves a lot in deep winter, but I sometimes tire of them.

All in all, I'm feeling very comfortable with the closet I have and am enjoying all my fab clothes! I didn't track wears (though I didn't repeat outfits, I did repeat items -- a lot!). But I end the month feeling like I still enjoy everything I did wear and don't need to edit it out.

Thanks for reading and any thoughts of your own!

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