For suntiger's January Challenge, I committed to one purchase per month/12 for the year, excluding undies.

I purged a lot of basic items for Angie's challenge , 3 bags of undies, socks, and loungewear. I replaced the undies and added a few extra pair. My winter loungewear won't likely last another winter, as it's getting worn A LOT, but for now I feel sorted until I re-evaluate in the fall.

Purchases: I am still on the hunt for warm outerwear. I bought - and returned - no less than 10 puffers and 3 shearling-lined aviator/biker jackets. They were either too short, not warm enough, had cheap-looking hardware, were too gear-ish, or weren't the right color. I am trying to be picky (and patient), but I am getting frustrated.

I have three coats on order - a bottle green puffer, an olive faux fur, and an olive wool peacoat (see finds). I like the shape and simplicity of the bottle green puffer, I just don't know how well the jewel green color will go with all the olive, navy, and browns/cognac that are my core colors for winter. If none of these work, I may postpone my search until fall.