First lot of new stuff for the year!

The pants are a wardrobe essential, replacing my ON ponte pants that were coming apart. These are Cut Loose brand, and nice and thick- comparable to my NYDJ ponte pants. I'm more into wider leg pants these days, but needed them to tuck into my snowboots!

While I was at the little shop picking up the pants, I saw the velvet kimono on the sale rack, which I had considered when I first saw it in the fall. I figure I'll wear it to jazz concerts, gallery openings, and plays and such- most likely over a lbd most of the time. I'm counting it towards my F5P.

Kettlewell silky roll neck- not an essential, but not really a statement either. I was expecting more of a blousy sheeny fabric, but it's just a knit. I used to not wear turtlenecks, but have started to in the last year.

I tried their palazzo pants too, but they went back. VPL and waay longer than advertized.

In the interest of accountability- 5 things have left my wardrobe. 2 long sleeve tops, 1 cardigan, 2 pants- all due to condition. I want to keep my wardrobe size the same, or a bit less this year.