I am going to post my outfits for the January 30 x 30 Challenge on a weekly basis.

Weather: This is all people are talking about. It has been unusually cold for this time of year. Or any time of year. Last night Mr. SF informed me that it was colder here than on Mars. We have been having weeks of
-25 to -30 C temps with -40 C with the windchill.

Activities: This past week I have been going to Yoga, talking Sophie for short walks (she wears boots and putting them on her involves chasing her around the house because she would prefer not to wear them), cooking for some house guests who had to cancel due to illness, some work for my university job (at home),planning my Florida travel capsule,etc.

January 1
Bottoms - TNF leggings
Top - Cuddl Duds
Topper - Columbia Fleece Jacket

January 2
Bottoms - Lululemon Dog Walking Pants (no Find)
Top - Marks Brown T-Shirt
Topper - Columbia Fleece Jacket

January 3
Bottoms - TNF leggins
Top - Patagonia top (no Find)
Topper - Columbia Fleece Jacket
Extra Topper - Black Down Vest (no Find)

January 4 - It was slightly warmer this day and almost barely to be outside
Bottoms - Lululemon Fleece lined leggings
Top - Cream long-sleeved T-shirt (no find)
Topper - Free People Out of Africa Cardigan

January 5 - Mars like weather
Bottoms - Lululemon Dog Walking Pants
Top - Patagonia Top
Topper - Columbia Fleece Jacket

For Outerwear I wore my Lole Olive Green Puffer. For Footwear I wore my Sorels, Prospectors or Clarks (not very warm). I always wore a hat, mittens and on really cold days I wore a balaclava.