Maybe you want to start a thread about professional looking items that are friendly to size changes. Do you wear wrap dresses well? Blazers are notoriously finicky about shoulder fit; maybe coatigans would work for your workplace? I think of wrap skirts as a casual item, but maybe there are some that are work appropriate.

It is now full year since my weight became stable within +-0.5 kg arround 56kg. And I am not on any diet or exercise regime so I really hope that I will be able to maintain it. But it will take time for me to be able to relax and not worry about weight fluctuations after years of extreme changes.

I love a column of color. It really sets off the plaid jacket. It’s a great look.

I love this idea especially if you are rebuilding your wardrobe. I say try it and see how it goes - why not. You look stunning in these photos!

Great idea to try. I think especially for wear. Years ago, I was able to get an occasional matching pants and blazer from Austin Reed or Jones NY, but mostly had no luck buying actual “ matching” pieces from the same grouping and fabric or dye lots to mix and match. I’m sure I focused too much on sale items relative to my ability to gradually build my vision of what I wanted to wear. Not meaning I needed to spend a lot more money, but that I shied away from brands or full- price items that might have actually given more value with fewer pieces. Also was doing all B& M shopping for decades.
But as well, I was pretty busy with career and raising children!