it look this long to decide that i need to apply some rules on my shopping. i did a massive purge and had tons of space, which seems to have been eaten up by new purchases and hand-me-ups from my sister.

for the first time, i imposed a budget for clothing and shoes. i'm tracking what i buy and what i keep on my phone. i'm using the finds to track my wishlist.

1. no more shoes. really, no more shoes.
2. no more jeans, really. i bought 4 in the past two weeks because i kept forgetting that i already bought a pair.
3. buy only what is a real style departure from my wardrobe. this is to help me grow my style comfort zone to where i already know i want to be. it has to be something that i can not find in any form in my closet. so this means no more black dresses.

my wishlist is in the finds. now, any advice on how to grow the clothing budget?