It is late and I should be in bed and I have enough work to take my mind off anything else and I am supposed to be on a shopping diet until NAS...but somehow I am stuck on Zara's website looking at jackets.
I can count the number of times I have been in Zara store on one hand and I don't own anything from this store. However I am intrigued by the jackets there.
Also I found that I really can add a couple of more jackets to my summer closet. I wear them to work at least a couple of times a week in summer due to AC so it is a summer essential for me. I also would like to branch into different styles to spice up my summer wear. Right now I have a couple of blazers (white, yellow, green) and denim moto jackets (white, light grey, faded). I need a different style to change the landscape like Angie says but which should it be?
Here are the ones I have in my shopping bag right now. If you saw any of them IRL I would appreciate the input on the quality, style and especially if you think they can work for me. What I really want to avoid is kind of slippery polyester fabric which looks really cheap to my eye. OK here is the list:

I am warming up to the idea of bomber but for me it cannot be utilitarian in fabrication but rather lux or unexpected. I love Angie's lace one for example!
1. Oriental bomber
I really like the pattern and color palette. I find it hard to like floral patterns but I make exception for oriental ones! Concern - may be hard to pair with patterned dresses so limited usability?
2. Jacquard bomber
Maybe next best to lace in texture. Cropped length should work with dresses well - even midi flares. Concern - I have an optic white blazer and denim moto jackets - does adding another shade of white makes sense?
3. B/W patterned bomber
Graphic pattern looks like another alternative to lace (can you tell I cannot get Angie's lace beauty out of my head?) Concern - not sure if pattern is sophisticated enough for my style...
4. B/W combination bomber
Love black and white graphic appeal, will work with a lot of my stuff. Concern - black it is faux leather, not sure if it will be too hot...

5. Combination linen
Like the style, the fabrication and that it is mixed media. Concern: not sure if khaki color will work in my wardrobe or do me any favors..

6. Combination cotton
Love the texture, shape and length for dresses. Concern - the same as #2: do I need another shade of white?

7. Denim biker
Love faded denim for summer! Concern - I have 3 moto denim jackets already - white, light faded and light grey. I may also try Gap one from Angie's post, it looks pretty similar in style.

8. I was also looking at kimono jackets but I have a hard time imagining them in my style. This printed relaxed jacket reminds me of kimono in print and some swing but it is still structured: would it work for me?

I would really appreciate your input if any of those will work for my style and wardrobe and give me that landscape change I crave...or if you have other suggestions I am all ears!

Now I really must get myself to bed!

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