Last night my husband and I did a little impromptu closet organizing together (his work situation is making a total 180 degree change, as he is trading in his ranch wear for casual corporate again). I ended up eyeing my rack of jackets that runs the full length of my side of the closet. I feel like an edit may be in order, but I have a hard time letting go of jackets. Why is that? Maybe because they are one of my favorite things to shop for: i am usually a fairly easy fit in them, and they look better on me than, say, jeans or bottoms, which I agonize over when I shop. They’re fun and can add personality via that “third piece” to an outfit. But honestly, I have plenty of them, including some that are a few trends back — several bomber jackets, for example. Some I wear rarely but they seem like just the right thing maybe once or twice a year, so I hang onto them. For instance, a cropped leather jacket I hadn’t worn in years was just the right thing I needed for a cool evening over my fancy navy halter cocktail dress.

The fact that I enjoy shopping for jackets and find them relatively easily *should* mean I can give up old ones easier, shouldn’t it? Why is that very old and cool but not-quite-my-thing-anymore Muubaa distressed jacket still hanging there when I haven’t worn it in two years or more? I need someone to come here and help me get brutal on my jackets.

Then I may have to get that Veronica Beard red plaid blazer at NAS to up my game a bit.