Hi everyone!

I am in need of a new lightweight spring/summer jacket, and I am finding myself at a bit of a loss. I currently only own one jacket, a light olive canvas utility jacket that is probably a decade old, and I am looking for something that is still somewhat casual but polished. For autumn/winter/spring I usually wear long trench coats, which seems to work well for with the current pant silhouettes that are wider or flared, but for jackets I am not sure what to look for. I was picturing something like a linen blazer, but everything I can find nowadays is so long and wide! I feel like that style might have worked with skinny pants, but paired with wide leg pants I feel very dumpy in a thigh length jacket. For reference I am 5’3, and pear shaped, with short legs/long torso. I know I could go for something cropped, but I am slightly self conscious about my curvy butt, so for the time being I am sweating in my trench coats! Any advice for what jacket styles I could look for?