I stopped by J Crew today to return this navy blue turtle neck. It is super comfy and I wish it worked on me but I am just too curvy for it to hang right. I wanted to try on some v-neck merino sweaters while I was there. I didn't see any in the store and asked the associate if they had any. He informed me that they are just carrying the more "Boutique" items in the store and the "more common" items are just available online. Is this new? I guess I can understand this but I still was hoping for an in-store try on since their shipping is not free. And I do wish that retailers would align the Retail and Online channels more so that everything you can do online you can do at the store. I suppose that would be a space issue though.

I also tried on this gorgeous ivory wool sweater and would highly recommend it. It was a bit boxy for me but the the wool was light weight and felt wonderful. I also tried on this tissue turtle neck in orchid which is very thin but the color was brilliant and it would be great if you like to layer your turtlenecks under something. I am still trying to think of a reason I might need this orchid turtle neck.