I have no idea what brought this shopping spree on. It is not the changing of the seasons. It is certainly not need-based. I just feel this incredible urge to shop.

And shop I have. What strikes me is that I am shopping just to shop. I tell myself I have a plan, but there is no plan. I am bringing home everything I see. The one saving grace is that most of what I am buying falls within a color scheme that works with the rest of my wardrobe. So there shouldn't be any orphans.

This lack of a plan reminds me of my pre-YLF days. I had a large wardrobe at that time, but I didn't really have anything to wear because my purchases were so impulsive and whimsical. I am shopping that same strategy today.

You would think with all these forum posts focusing on wardrobe evaluation and planning, I would at least have some sort of plan in mind. Nope.

I may need to take drastic action. I am considering a "shopping fast." Thirty days of absolutely no discretionary buying to put the brakes on my spending.