A brief moment at the changing room today. It was just a quick thought, liberating and happy. It dawned on me that I cannot remember the last time I thought of my body in a way that I wished it had been different. It's fading from my memory what it looks and feels like to walk out the shop frustrated and feeling something should be different on me and *then* I'd be able to fit in all the pretty clothes.

I used to think, even after coming here, "ok, this is what I have, I'll work around that, I must love that". Now, it is "This is what I have, I'll work WITH that".

No wishing for smaller hips, broader shoulders, tinier waist. Nothing. Simply put, my body is just a collection of parts I know now how to dress and shopping or dressing are no longer draining my mental energy or wasting my time. No desperation. Just the right attitude - it's not my body that's wrong, it's the clothes. I now move on and look for something better. Happy.

ETA: Thank you, Mum, for brainwashing me that tall is beautiful, at least I did not struggle with that.