Once upon a time, there was a woman named Janet, who wanted to sell some jeans that she'd hemmed too short. In a land far far away, past the magic line where people have to pay silly things called duties and taxes and shipping, there was a lemming named Elizabeth.

Elizabeth bought the jeans.

Elizabeth had had her eye on a couple of tops in an Angie Pic post at Nordies, so asked Janet if she could send some things to her, to put in the parcel with the jeans, to avoid the nasty duties. Then Elizabeth the Lemming decided she had to have the Athleta prima capri's, but Athleta wouldn't send to that land far far away, even with duties, so .... Then Elizabeth the Lemming started cruising eBay thanks to Shannon, for Eileen Fisher stuff. Which resulted in finding a Shannon endorsed EF dress at Lord and Taylor, on sale, and with an additional 25% off. Not enough to qualify for free shipping, so Elizabeth's Lemming senses went into over drive, and she remembered a top Sveta had purchased that was Lord and Tayor, that she drools over every time she sees Sveta in. So she added that to the list. Also on major sale, so still not enough for free shipping - so she threw in a tee. The one and only original purchase

And the wonderful woman named Janet patiently waited while the mail man delivered parcel after parcel to her door, packaged it up and sent it to the land far far away.

Elizabeth the Lemming got the package today, and is OVER THE MOON.

Oh yes, and a couple of days ago, a pair of Ollies happened to arrive on Elizabeth's doorstep, thanks to Shannon's sharp eyes for a sale.

Here is the stash!

1. L&T tee and Prima capri's
2-5. Paige jeans from Janet, and Plione top
6. L&T Sveta lemming top (with yoga pants, it's getting late..)
7. Eileen Fisher dress, with Ollies
8. Stem top (Angie pic) again with yoga pants.

Yes, a lot of black and white, but they are the safe colours to order online, esp when taking advantage of someone and wanting to minimize the chances of having to return.

So, whaddya think of my haul?

And a HUGE thank you to Janet, and to Shannon for helping me with sizing, and pointing out sales, and to Sveta for telling me (ages ago) where her stick shirt came from.

Say no to June? I say YES!!

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