You look amazing and inspiring! I envy your style bravery.

I’m glad you have your mojo back. This outfit is perfect. Are the shoes fur lined? I might need something like that..

You look fabulously fashionable and you rock that semi tuck.

This looks so good on you! Love how much fun you are having these days!

Great! Suits you perfectly.

Thank you all - glad this outfit worked in your eyes too I almost bought yet another pair of wide legged pants yesterday but pulled myself together and walked away from them. Seriously ? As if one new pair wasn't enough .

Janet - the sneakers aren't fully lined with fur - just the tongue and back of the heel.

Those sneakers are so fun and cool, and I love the way they look with the wide leg trousers. The whole outfit is stellar, it looks very current and trendy while not being at all fussy. I think you pull off the look very well, and I can tell you're having fun!

I love those socks with the sneakers. Super cute and I think I need more socks now (I only have 100 pairs or so - what's a few more?)

Lisa - how did I miss this?! It’s totally divine. Cool girl chic. The furry sneakers and socks are tdf fabulous. And isn’t this amazing to pull this out of your wardrobe. The semi tuck looks great on you. Simply brilliant!!

Nice! And look at those real dot socks, fab outfit.

Gorgeous look with the wide legs-I am amazed how well those sneakers work here, I can wear mines with flat pointy toe patent loafers and some higher shaft booties only. Congrats on eventually tucking in anything:-), I don't see any of a "lower belly" but I know what you mean, as I do have it for sure!:-) I'm not so brave to tuck anything for the life of me, but wear my wide legs with kind of a structured lower half dolman sleeved sweaters like this from H&M, below:-))

ETA how lovely the contrast dotted the socks are!:-)

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Super cute! I love the polka dot socks with the fur-lined shoes. The sweater is a really lovely colour on you. You look so cosy!

...and the pants too! I really like them as well. You look lovely.

How did this get up here ? Haha - it’s a very old post

Super cool outfit, Lisa. It sounds like a fun creative process, too!

Sweet Sister! You look fantastic. I LOVE those sneakers! And oversized sweaters are my jam. I love it all!

Hey Lisa - this might be an old post but it shows that you’ve been experimenting and pushing the boundaries of your style for a year, and that deserves a bravo! Love the pants and the semi tucked sweater on you. And I think this experimentation is at the core of your fashion personality - current, fashion forward, with a dash of edge.

Oh, my gosh! I'm always surprised when I find I've commented on an old post without noticing--and a little embarrassed. Good grief!! Still, it looks like such a great outfit, and a little different for you, and a very fun look.

I wanted to ask if you went blonde again, LOL!:-)

Haha- maybe because date is this year/still in the future !
But this is super cute.

Oops to the date being wrong - should have been 2018, not 2019.

No comment except this is too cute.

A year later and this outfit is STILL turning heads. Well done!.

Ok comparing this one to the wide leg jeans post, both with 3 casual pieces, I notice you semi tucked the sweater here and didn't before. Did you try semi tucking with the other outfit?

Hi Suntiger - there is a big difference between the pieces in the two outfits. The jeans are / were heavy and bulky , whereas the Lulu pants are lightweight and flowy - and have an elastic waist that’s good for tucking . The sweater in the jeans outfit is thicker than the pink Paris one . Tucking into the jeans was just not an option . Blech - glad I got rid of them .