I'm in search of a denim jacket to wear mostly over dresses and skirts, so a little cropped and fitted would probably be best. I find denim jackets incredibly difficult to fit. I'm a 32A with proportionally broad shoulders, and I feel like the traditional denim trucker jackets tend to give me a bulked-up "football player" kind of look. I'm guessing fitted with a bit of stretch is key. And maybe smaller lapels or collarless?

I love this Madewell one, though it looks like it's already OOS in my size and possibly longer than I want anyway. I'm not totally opposed to something very straightforward like the Eddie Bauer one, but in my heart of hearts would like a little more interest, a twist of some sort.

I really like the idea of white, or possibly light-wash. Nothing too distressed, not interested in embroidery or embellishment.

Any ideas? Would love links and Finds to browse. TIA!