A few weeks ago I went into Boston to shop with a friend. Like the last few times we’ve done this (typically a couple of times a year) we find little that interests us. The shops in the two city malls seem aimed at 30-to-50 something career women with relatively high incomes (those are the only ones who can afford to live and shop in this city), and a smaller number of quite wealthy customers. Or the prices are more modest and the stores are full of trendy high waisted pants and stuff in the cooler colors that I generally avoid. We still had fun. 

I did see these lovely pieces in Saks.  The suit and long sleeved top were on a mannequin and were gorgeous! I know these are not what people think of as spring colors, but I just love them. Given that it was mid Feb when we went perhaps these were winter merchandise. 

Have any of you seen pieces like this anywhere this spring? I love the color and pattern and overall vibe, but would prefer slightly less dramatic/more classic shapes and more modest prices.  

I did recently get Angie's recent top pick trench coat from ON - similar color but more brown/less red. .