So, after going through my wardrobe, plenty of my tops still fit to meet the 10 tops I am looking to have in my mid and late winter capsule. However, I could really use toppers. Black toppers to match with the black trousers that will be a staple this winter. I wore the heck out of the two black cardis in my maternity wardrobe, making me realize that perhaps cutting cardis out of my wardrobe when I joined YLF to reduce frump has created a hole. Especially as the jackets I was going to replace them with are never worn as they aren't as comfy.

So, I am looking for 1-2 cardis or sweater jackets. Requirements:

1. Come in my size. I am an XL at this point (14-16) on top, so that sizes me out of a lot.

2. Comfortable. I will be working my tail off at a desk to get home to 2 small children.

3. At least a semblance of style of professionalism.

4. Easy to launder. I will be wearing these to work, but there is always the chance . . . DD2 is the spit up queen, and I just know she will find everything and anything dry clean only!

I have found 1, 2 & 3, but they have all been dry clean only.

I am realizing why lists are so hard for clothes . . .