Hi All,

I would like to add another blazer to my wardrobe. My current collection is not ideal, probably because two have been passed on by friends - I do like them and wear them but maybe would not have purchased them.

I was thinking a toffee or camel colour, or black. I want it to be fairly classic in style as I expect to own this for a good length of time. I would wear it with jeans and boots, or jeans and sneakers, or work pants and oxfords, or maybe even over a dress. I probably am leaning to black as I don't think I could go wrong with a black blazer......

The attached finds are my current jacket/blazer collection.

  • Double breasted soft grey is the only true blazer and the only true workhorse in this group.
  • Black is a very fitted style with exaggerated shoulders - I do wear and like it but it is not versatile.
  • Red leather jacket I also wear but it is not a workhorse.
  • Cream is very much a summer weight jacket - I think I only wore it once last year but I do like it.
  • The toffee is more of a short coat than a jacket.
I would buy internationally if I could be confident of fit. I would usually take a NZ/Aus 14 in a blazer, which I think is a US10. My shoulders are often the fit issue with jackets and I am 5 ft 8 (174cm tall).

Has anyone seen any great blazers online that I should consider?

Thanks in advance