Dear fabbers,

I have recently identified a wardrobe hole that I want to fill. I was reading Janet’s posting on summer tees and alternatives (chock full of great ideas BTW) . Lisa p mentioned that she had some good summer tops for “social occasions /drinks / dinners out etc”, which made me realize that this is exactly the wardrobe hole I have, plus I have almost no bottoms that fit this category.

My life is very casual, even for social events like dinner out with friends, so white jeans are the perfect bottom piece, and light wash ones would work too. I have some white jeans but they are thin fabric that wrinkles badly so I want a better version. Most of the tops I have are too casual. I don’t need a lot, just one or two bottoms, a few tops, sandals, and a bag or two. I'm not including dresses or skirts for the moment, will deal with those separately.
I’ve put together some ideas below and would love to hear any sort of feedback and/or specific suggestions you’d like to offer. Thanks!

Some additional notes:

1. I already own the sandals/bags (except the b/w prints) and the solid black T shown (it has small buttons widely spaced along the shoulder seams)
2. I want the tops to be black or warm bright colors but not super bright. That orange/white print top for example may be too bright. The Dries Van N orange/blue one is also probably too bright but I do like those colors together
3. I’m avoiding boho styles (not refined enough for this capsule) and knot-waist styles (usually proportionally awful on me)