I was taking stock of my summer tops and have a good assortment that I’m happy with. In line with Angie’s blog post today, here is a representation of what I have and wear for summer. Our summers are hot and humid (90 degrees with 80+% humidity is not uncommon), and most importantly, it doesn’t cool off much at night once we get into June through July and August, so you never really feel like you get a refreshing break from the mugginess. So dressing cool is important to me.

I rely heavily on a little collection I have of Madewell V-neck tees (duplicates in black, white, raisin, marine blue, and forest green), and some other basic tees. But I’m also noticing that the tie-front too that’s trending now has been working for me for years to add structure and shape to loose summer outfits. So I’m liking these detailed casual tops and may add another one or two if I see the right ones. Even though summer wear tends to be harder on clothes, I have some simple knit summer tops that are still going strong after several years.

How about you? What tops do you rely on for hot summer wear?