I'm reviewing my closet for fall and there are only a couple of items I feel like I need to replace. I'm not really feeling the need yet for anything new. I'm excited to get back into my old fall and winter clothes.
The three replacements I need are

-Black twisted waist dress. I had this old, cheapy knit dress I got from Dorothy Perkins and it became my FFBO. It took me to a funeral, through a photo session and through many other random days. I overlooked it for a long time because I didn't like the way the rouching and waistband and all brought attention to my belly, but then I discovered that under a topper of any sort it was really just the ticket. I'd like the same idea of a dress, but in a nicer fabrication. If you see a great one, will you let me know?

-Black cigarette pants. These are on my list every year and the only pair I've found that I really like are from Target. I either need to just pick up another pair from Target or find a better quality pair.

-Dressy-ish black boot. I have a pair of beaten up suede, slouchy boots with a lowish cone shaped heal that do not sing to me on their own, but they are the perfect balance to dresses in winter. Bonus, they're super duper comfy. I need a replacement pair. I'd love for them to be in leather instead of suede. I've been looking for these for a couple of years too.

The only new item I'm looking for right now is a slouchy, navy, cashmere sweater. I'd like it to be really fine quality, and rather light weight so I can wear it indoors. Not a crew neck, but wide V or scoop neck would be okay. Length on this one would be tough. In find half tucks tough with my proportions because my waist is already short, so ideally this sweater would have a waist band rather than a straight bottom.

I'd like to find a perfect pair of uber comfy black booties and a great pair of straight leg jeans, but I'll be okay without them.

I have so many toppers that I really need to stop there. This is what made me realize I need the black dress, because my toppers need to top something!