Thanks again, everyone who contributed to my Essentially Speaking thread. It was a really helpful discussion for me (and I hope others!) and led me to more than a few lightbulb moments.

In the past year or two I've built a functional closet. I've focused largely on quality essentials, with quite a few "regulars" (i.e. essential-like items distinguished by colour or some special design detail).

And I love my essentials! But looking ahead to a long, long winter, and looking at what I have in the closet now -- I am worried that the same boredom that afflicted me last year may afflict me again.

This summer, I did a lot of buying -- more than I expected. I was thrilled with my purchases, and -- for the first time ever -- happier with my summer wardrobe than my winter one. Why? Well, I think I figured it out.

  • I had more variety of silhouette (skirts, pants, shorts of different widths/ fabrication).
  • I had more "statement" pieces -- tops or bottoms that were a little unusual. Maybe even a little bit tough to style -- but worth it.
  • I had more white and more colour. Dark neutrals worn day after day depress me. There is no getting around it. Sophisticated? Yes. But missing something I need.

Angie said it most succinctly:

It sounds like you need a few more casual statement pieces in your wardrobe, but they have to work for your lifestyle.


But what are those pieces?

LisaP noted:

I always have one or two statement pieces in every clothing and accessory category...

Now, is that ever smart! Because at the moment, my winter statement items for my work-at-home capsule tend to be:

  • Footwear --- which I don't even wear indoors for my work-at-home life
  • Belts (which I do wear -- but that explains why I get tired of the jeans and semi-tucked pullover look)
  • Scarves (which I wear for reasons of practicality and warmth but often wish I didn't have to wear -- and that's a thread in itself!)

The truth is, it's almost as if I have trouble recognizing what a "statement" item would be (never mind allowing myself to buy it). This is why Zara has been a boon to me -- they often make "statement-y" high-fashion items and the cost is such that I feel okay taking the risk.

Angie suggested that I add a bright coloured streak to my hair, and I am strongly considering that. There's a good chance that I will be wearing my specs less in future, in which case this option would be even more appealing. I intend to explore it with my hairdresser as soon as I rejoin the land of the healthy. Another option is to change my hairstyle.

But my question, now, if you have read this far (and thank you for doing that!) is:

What are some casual statement items that might work for my work-at-home winter life? I picked up two recently -- the most casual of the casual. (In Finds).

Do you have other suggestions? Please share -- and they can be any category -- tops, bottoms, accessories, coats, jackets, footwear -- you name it. Even if it's something that I wouldn't wear a lot in the house, it's still worth looking at just in case.

What are YOUR casual statements if you work from home -- or even if you don't?