It is easy to survey the shops of the small town (pop. 17,000) where I live since they run a couple of blocks down a ‘high street’. Since the start of the pandemic, some places (restaurant, yoga studio) have closed up - but new shops have opened, and 2 of them carry ‘curated’ previously worn clothes. One store is styling itself as ‘Boho’ and has a mix of new and old clothes (racked separately) as well as shoes and accessories, plus some original crafted home decor. The second store is mostly rustic/country style home decor - but has a selection of pre-loved garments as well as garments made from up-cycled items (jean jackets with replacement sleeves from blanket cloth, patchwork, etc.) Prices are definitely higher than the charity shops (we have 2) or one of the consignment shops (we have 2 of those as well - one high end/designer and $$$.)

As a tourist town, we get a lot of visitors from the Big City an hour away. Less this year due to the pandemic, but they still come, and shop, and the charity shops are busy!

Are you shopping more at thrift? In B&M? Online?