I'm not sure what brought this on today , as I've been feeling very uninterested in life lately . Going through the motions it seems, while covid restrictions continute. Working, but not really contributing to the economy or community in a meaningful way while the gym is closed. I know I need to get a grip on the essentials part of my wardrobe , and have been reading everything on YLF right now with great interest, but the act of shopping (on line OR in-store) is not appealing right now. And when I don't care, or have the mental energy to plan and think clearly about what I need, I end up buying things that don't serve me well.

Rummaging through a too-full basket for a specific pair of mitts this morning popped open the cork on a long-overdue closet cleanup, and away I went. I bagged 5-6 coats/jackets , a pile of fluffy blanket-type scarves (I don't use this type of scarf anymore and need to stop buying them), a few blazers that just didn't wow me , and some assorted other things that just got in my way while I was piling and sorting. 2 black garbage bags full. Good thing DH isn't home , or I'd be on the receiving end of divorce papers if he saw all of this.

My outerwear was the biggest challenge, and I had been avoiding an edit for a good year. I love outerwear, and find it fun to buy, but I had stopped being so strict with my quality and design criteria and had too many pieces that just didn't serve me well. I don't remember where I heard that phrase - maybe here! - but it makes a lot of sense to me right now. Do I feel great in this? Cute? Polished? Does it fit perfectly? Is it in pristine condition still? There were a lot of no's . Among many other items are 4 pieces that I did have finds for that I've passed on . The olive green jacket , lemminged from Angie, was always too big, not the right weight for my climate, and had a few small paint/glue (can't figure out what else they would be) stains/marks on it thus making me feel less than great when I wore it. Why was I hanging on to it? The EF wool pants have never fit well (way too big) , and taking them to a tailor is not an option right now. I don't need them now anyways - so bye bye. The windowpane Zara pants have lost their appeal too. I don't feel great in them - so away they go too. I am getting rid of all 3 of the BR merino wool sweaters because they fit no hole, serve no purpose, make me feel overly busty and frumpy....and again don't serve me well.

After a careful cull of all of my winter outerwear, I'm left with a great collection. Next year (and maybe i'll take advantage of end-of-season sales to scoop these up for next winter) I'm looking for a really outstanding plaid coat, and something casual (but statement-making ) in olive green.

And then the sun finally came out, and the day is looking brighter !