When we moved to Berlin from Tampa a few years ago, several people pointed out what I could not see in myself; I like layers! I’m not big on scarves or other bits and bobs added “just because”. Now that we are planning a week back in Florida, I’m having trouble imagining how I dress without a topper, or a scarf worn to stay warm, or tights, or....anything.

So here I am with my jumpsuit, trying to decide if the turquoise necklace is too much. I’m not planning on adding a cardi or anything else but sandals which I will buy there.

I *think* it looks finished. Part of me feels a little undone but, otoh, I am tired of needing to put on so many things before I go out the door after doing it all winter.

Can you feel me? Stuck between loving layers, being tired of taking so long to get dressed, the joys of 1-piece dressing and wondering if there’s more?

ETA: these pix weren’t taken on the same day.

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