Is crepe fabric good for travel? In particular, would a dress like the Charles Henry one below be comfortable and relatively-unwrinkly for an overnight flight?

I'm going from the US to London (my first time! yay!) and trying to figure out what to wear on the plane. I want to do leggings with a long top or dress. (See links for what I'll also be wearing, I think.) I have an EF top I just got that I'm leaning towards wearing, but I also ordered some dresses like this (this one in black and cobalt, actually). If I brought a dress like this, I'd also have it to wear IN London, which would be nice. But not necessary. (I'm not committed to a carry-on only, even though it's only four days, because we're bringing presents to friends, so we'll have a bunch of luggage--so I could take a dress anyway.)

Any thoughts (or general longhaul-flight-fashion advice) are much appreciated!