I realize I probably need to return the BR jacket that I posted on here last week.

The update is that I brought it back for return, and they gave me a nearly 50% discount on it. That's about $200 off the original price. I found out that it would be $50 to shorten the sleeves, which keeps it well within a price point I'm comfortable with.

It's not a perfect 10, maybe not a 9.5 or a 9. I don't usually care that much, but I'm having a hard time psychologically giving up the jacket. I know that I shouldn't even figure price into it.

It's so well made, and I love it so much on the model, who has a body that couldn't be more different from mine.

I'm thinking of getting fitted for a new bra at Nordstrom to see if and how much the fit would improve. (Yes, I'm that busty and this is just another reminder of all the clothes that never really fit me the way I want them to.)

I'm not sad, but I feel unusually stubborn about giving up on this one, and I know it makes no sense....