Those of you who have lived through some of my previous travel preparations will know that a). the prospect of a trip sends me into a panic, and b). the panic is largely wardrobe related!

Well, thanks to Angie and the collective wisdom of YLF I feel as if I'm in much better shape for my trip to China and Vancouver than I've been for any of my previous trips and I don't even need to post any "what to wear" questions.

In truth, I'd love to show you some of my outfits (and see them myself through the camera's eye) but there just isn't time. So I'll hope to get pics from the road and I guess I'll learn what needs improvement that way.

In the meantime, this is a VERY challenging trip to pack for because we'll experience a wide variety of climate conditions, (everything from below freezing to 30 degrees C, potentially). We can only take one bag plus a small carry on each, and we will be away for a long time AND doing a variety of activities.

Even so, I'm feeling relatively good about what I'm bringing and confident it will carry me through.

For this trip, I took the wise advice of some of our members and wrote down each ACTIVITY that I know I will be doing. I then came up with a potential outfit for that activity for two temperature ranges.

Obviously, layers are key to this, and that's the mainstay. So I need a lot of mix and match possibilities. Fortunately, my closet is finally becoming more integrated and it has been easier to come up with those options than in the past. (Thanks YLF!)

The main issue is footwear. I need a lot of different kinds! So that takes up room in the suitcase.

Here's a sampling of what's going in the bag. Will it all fit? Stay tuned to find out!

Some YLF items of note:

The MaryK wonder scarf (yay scarf twin!)
The Portobello skirt (waving to Shannon, skirt twinnie!)
The waxed denim moto (waving to Ariadne!!)
The Ann Taylor silk leopard shirt (waving to Shiny, Ann, and Vix!!)
The DV booties will be on my feet (waving to Una!)
The Brooks Brothers white shirt (waving to Angie...oh, and I have a story to share about that eventually, too!)

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