I'm late to this, but had to chime in to say how amazing that blouse looks on you. Wow.

Late to this too, but such an interesting question!

Like you, I have a complicated relationship with feminine style. I've found that structured, ladylike tailoring works well for me, while floaty florals don't. And I do like a skirt. I think it helps to have a feeling for what dress shapes suit you.

Anyway, the new direction looks like it's working out nicely. I'm particularly impressed with the matching shoes and handbag.

Oh! Pretty is as Pretty does!

Oh, Lisa, you are so pretty and I love this subtle feminine shift of yours, even though rocker pretty is good, too! I really like the way you added jewelry and your hair looks amazing, too!

So happy you bought that top (and gorgeous jacket, btw).

Fantastic blouse - it appeals to me so much that I clicked right through to find - sadly - "no longer available". I am not a floral person but I am trying to experiment with prints (WIW to come in a few mins) and this pattern is exactly what I would go for. I think it might be like Mary's magic dress - it will go with everything! Well done!

Love the entire look! It has a touch of femininity without being too girly girly. I'm on board with that.

Thanks again, wonderful women, for chiming in on this post. I'm taking a break from the forum for awhile, but did peek in to see that this had a few new replies on it - and I do appreciate that!

I am quite pleased with myself for picking up that blouse.....not a big financial risk, but quite outside my norm. And Laurie, I think you're right - it's going to be that weird piece that works with everything - and all for about $40. Lol.