I could use some help looking current in a possible upcoming interview for a think-tank nonprofit. I need to look contemporary, vibrant, and approachable, but interviewers can`t remember the clothes more than they remember me or what I say. Sorbet-colored matching suiting is out (ha ha), but I would wear color in my jacket and/or shell if bottoms were neutral. Obviously a trendy bottom (high waist, wide and/or cropped leg) with high shaft booties would add the trendy component. I would also wear a column of black or brown with a long camel cardigan and some swingy jewelry (I`m a formal person and can be stiff, so movement in my clothing and accessories helps). I`d like to wear what I own, but I`m open to purchasing a piece or more if necessary. Simple sweater and pants not enough; sweater and skirt might be if quality is high, I add a scarf, etc. Any ideas? Can you post looks you think might fit the bill for our modern times? Thanks!