I would have said that I was having a hiatus from clothing at the moment but I'm not really because after reading this article I realised that I am always attached to the clothes I'm wearing. I really enjoyed this article because it reminded me of the memories associated with clothes..usually very unstylish and to others unmemorable. https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-s.....f-clothing
I have a deep fondness for my new swimming ensemble which are a pair of orange nike shorts and an olive bra top just because this summer I have rediscovered a joy for sea swimming and this has been all I wore in the sea.
I also have several pairs of olive shorts which I slip into after work as a home/relaxing uniform and a black slip that I wear to sleep in. I would be pretty distressed if I went away and forgot any of these things. I always have to have my slip on sandals /jandals at hand.
Which clothes are you most attached to and would be distressed to find you had left them somewhere else out of reach for a while.